Annual Dues


To join this highly exclusive, very selective and dubious organization the fees are as follows:

An initial fee is $ 1.00 and automatically makes you a president, a First Lady (if you are married to a president) and Ambassador (single lady). We know it is an exorbitant amount and a blatant RIP-OFF, but them’s the breaks.  No one escapes this $1.00 fee.

There is an annual due of $ 25.00 Presidents, $ 10.00 for First Ladies and $15.00 for Ambassadors. (This fee will be pro-rated according to the month in which you join, but never less than $10.00 for Presidents and $5.00 for all ladies). Our fiscal year ends on December 31st

If you wish you may acquire our F.I.O.R.E. Name Badges. They look good but they are optional. (Now only $15.00)

Widows of former Presidents are always our guests….even the I.D. badge is on us. If they want one.

Your first lunch as a member could cost you  $51.00 (depending on which month of the year you join – it could also be less) , and all subsequent luncheons only $25.00 if you eat or $29.95 if you don’t.

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