The Presidents

Meet the presidents

Bill Acosta      

Robert Allen

Marty “Hello Dere” Allen

Gary Anderson

Peter Anthony

John Bakie

Bill Burlew 

Michael F. Breglia   E&R Imports

Paul Xavier Campanella

Angelo Cassaro

Kid Cary           The Kid’s Website

Al Ciricillo President   phone:  702-645-0227

Lou Di Gregorio

Al De Paulis

Eddie DeVries

Ron DiMascio      Real Estate Consultant 

Frank Grata    AND     my video

Chick Hughes

Norm Johnson

Teddy Kaye 

Jerry Lopez   

Rolando  Larraz      Las Vegas Tribune

Jim Marsh  

Matt  Passalacqua   

Carme  Pitrello

Doc Ritter

Ronnie Rose

Nelson Sardelli       go to Nelson’s Personal Site
 Nelson’s YouTube Site


Michael Schaefer

Sasha Semenoff

Felix Silla                The Worlds of Felix Silla

Joseph R. Stanley     Magician-Mentalist  

Lou Toomin  

Ken Small

Conrad L. Villella’s Sites:
Conrad Villella’s Personal Site:
Create a life you can look forward to…Focus on the reality you wish to create!
Good Health and Weight Loss (Business) 
Old Town Las Vegas A Las Vegas Visionary helps us Reinvent Downtown!
On the forefront of healing cancer while maintaining quality of life
(Imagine That!)

Perry Walton

Honorary Presidents

Rich Natole 


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